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Corona Virus - Lochside Arena Controls

  • No more than 2 households / 8 people at any one booking

  • Social distancing to be maintained between households

  • All bookings are to be made online

  • All bookings include and extra 30 minutes. This is to allow time to get ready / pack up. Do not arrive before the start of your booking and ensure you have left before the end of your booking.

  • All individuals shall wash/sanitise hands when entering and leaving

  • Individuals should touch only the equipment and supplies necessary for
    completing tasks of caring for and exercising the specific horse(s).

  • Shared use of helmets, grooming supplies, tack, and other equipment
    between individuals is prohibited. Clean and disinfect any equipment
    that must be shared before and after use.

  • Keep individual animal water bucket within the pens to ensure feed or
    water can be provided without touching other animals/people.

  • When handling shared facilities such as bin lids, hoses, etc., use good
    biosecurity practices such as gloves, paper towels, hand-washing,
    sanitiser or other methods, as appropriate, to avoid transmission.

  • Clean all handles, gates and touchable surfaces including toilet facilities
    before and after use.

  • Kitchen facilities are not to be used. Food and drink is not to be
    consumed within the arena building.

  • When thinking about Covid biosecurity think about a Strangles type

  • Strictly keep 2m distances between arena users. Please be respectful
    and diligent when using the arena to follow the biosecurity measures
    and report to board members any issues. Details will be stored at
    booking for contact tracing purposes of all attendees.

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